What Laura has done is created a system for a lot of people who are focused more on the music side who have very little focus on business side. She's given me tons of tools, the language, and the assignments to help me fill in all the gaps of what I’m doing.
Danny Santos
Laura is a mentor helping you get into the music business. All her writing is very easy to read – very friendly! I had no trouble understanding the business. Her program is the tool to give you all you need for becoming a successful musician.
Sean Wang
Traditional Chinese Instrumentalist
This conversational, practical, easy (and fun) to read guide is a must-read for any musician looking to establish themselves and build a following.
Chris Reed
Copyright Lawyer
Laura is a gifted writer, a supporter of musicians/artists everywhere, and an advocate of honoring dreams. I am very grateful for this book... the book OR bonus content alone are well worth the price of admission, but the fact that you get both makes this an easy and very satisfying purchase. She is so insightful and encouraging.
B Lii
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