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As the number 1 ranking social media platform around, we need to talk about how to find your fans on Facebook.

But wait. Isn’t Facebook for old people?

While new social media platforms are popping up everywhere (Tik Tok for example) and people are rushing to join them, Facebook remains the number one platform in the world. Billions of people use it. By having a page on Facebook, you can build your success.

Success can mean different things for different musicians. Do you want to use Facebook to get more likes on your page, drive more sales of your albums, get more streams on Spotify, or just build awareness of who you are as a musician?

Regardless of your goals, there are a few things you can do to make sure your page is set up for success.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Profile vs Page

There are two types of pages you can have on Facebook: the Profile and the Page

Profile – these are the personal profile pages of you and your friends/family. They are made for individuals and have a limit of how many friends you can have.

Pages – these are the public profile pages of brands, businesses, and musicians. They have been made with building an audience in mind and give you more insights into the community you build. This is what you want if you are a musician!

How to Create Your Facebook Musician Page

  1. Pop over to this link
  2. Choose between Community/Public Figure or Business/Band
  3. Select “Musician” from either of the above
  4. Name your page after yourself/your band and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  5. Done!

Now you can fill in your profile image and cover image. For help on creating these, you can visit Canva to make your own images.

Who Are You?

To grow the number of fans you can find, every section that Facebook offers to fill in information about yourself should be filled in! If you can pop in some keywords on each of these pages, even better!

What are keywords? These are words that help make you findable on the internet. Depending on your music style, they can be things like, “musician, guitar, jazz, metal, singer, band”, and the like.

The bare minimum of things you want to include are the about section where you share about who you are in a casual fashion, a link to your website, and links to where people can listen to your music.

Your First Fans

Chances are, you already have a few fans waiting for your page to be completed: think your friends and family. You can send them a message in Facebook or send them a text asking them to like your page. If they are super friends, ask them to leave nice comments on your page as well to start the conversation about how much people love your music!

What the Heck to Post

Facebook allows you to post 5 different types of content. Let’s look at each of them.

Text and Images

Probably the most popular form of content on Facebook, a text post or text and image post will make up a majority of your content. Think about news, announcements, stories from recording, why you are writing songs, stories from being on tour, basically the sky is the limit with these types of posts!

Images Only

Simple photos on Facebook generally perform well, though not as much as those with a little text to go with them. You can upload performances, in studio sessions, and special events with just images.


Facebook LOVES videos that are only uploaded through Facebook. If you have clips of your live performances, music videos, or studio sessions, upload them for sure.

Slideshows + 360 Views

These are fun to take and more fun to post. If you are on stage and happen to record your audience, consider uploading it as a 360 view for your fans. It provides great engagement with your content, making your more valuable in the eyes of the algorithm.

Live Streams

Just as with video, Facebook is really pushing for people to go live. You can treat the live stream as a casual method for getting to know your fans via things like Q&A sessions, rehearsal times, songwriting sessions, and live streaming your performances.

When to Post

Just as important as knowing what to post, make sure that you remain consistent about when you are posting. The more content that you give Facebook, the more they can promote your stuff to your fans! Try to upload at least once a day.

Also, avoid using third party post scheduling apps. Facebook has one built into their platform and will punish you if you try using a third-party option. Use the one in Facebook.

Engage with the Audience

No one likes to join a page, leave a comment on how awesome something is, and never get a response from the page owner. Engage with your fans! They are the ones providing you with the chance to build your music business, so please like and comment and share with them.

Final Thoughts

Facebook is one of the best places you can be right now to build strong relationships with fans. For more info on building fans on other platforms, check out these other posts:

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