Music Business for the DIY Musician

Hello, musician!

Writing new songs and playing live? That’s the easy part.

Marketing + Managing? Whole other story.

You record songs but no one is listening. Your social media never gets more than a few likes. And most of all you don’t have hours to sit there and “like” random comments in the hope of gaining a new fan.

Now imagine if you could rock the music AND the business.

You can, and I’m here to show you how.


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Music Blog

No fluff deep dive into what is working in the music industry today, how to rock your social media, and interviews with some of the best in the business.

The Book

The ultimate music business book that shows you step by step everything you need to do as a successful musician today.

Social Media Templates

Each month 25 new captions sent to you so you are never at a loss of words on Instsagram again.


Let's work one-on-one to give you the best strategy for your music, prep for your next tour, launch your album, or make a scene as a new artist.


Hey, I'm Laura

I'm a musician with a Master's of Business. Let's make this work for you.
Laura Schneider

heart of music + head for business

I’m a music business mentor who is obsessed with helping musicians and other creatives make a living at doing what they love.

Working as a musician for over 10 years, I learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. After living in Los Angeles for years, I earned my MBA specializing in Business Strategy and the Entertainment Industry.

Now, it’s my mission to help you build a life you love with your music and share all I know with you!


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Music Business


30 Days of Captions

Never wonder what to say on social media again. Use these 30 captions to fill in the blanks and get your fans excited about your songs.

new fans

Find Your Fans

You know you need more fans but where the heck do you start? This free e-book is everything you need to quickly jump-start your search for fans with ease.



Listen to what other musicians have to say

What Laura has done is created a system for a lot of people who are focused more on the music side who have very little focus on business side. She’s given me tons of tools, the language, and the assignments to help me fill in all the gaps of what I’m doing.

Danny Santos



Music + Business + Theory

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One-week Music Marketing Plan
A one-week music marketing plan for musicians. Get your fans invested in your music again with this easy to follow guide to music marketing.

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