Write Your Music Bio with a Story

No matter how many video views or website clicks you get each month, if you don’t immediately connect with a potential fan, they will stay just that: potential. And the best way to connect with fans who visit your website is through your music bio.

How to write a music bio? Knowing just what to say to connect with your fans can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be when you tell your fans your music story.

Today, I want to dive into the 3 things you need in your story about who you are as a musician to immediately connect with your fans. Then, let’s talk about how you can use that to help give your fans an identity connected to your music, turning these potential fans into Super Fans.

Ready? This will have you writing a good musician bio in no time!

How to Write a Music Bio

This idea comes from one of the great minds of our time: Joseph Campbell. He was the creator of the “Hero’s Journey”, which looked at myths, legends, and modern stories and narrowed them down to key elements of story telling. Campbell explains why stories are so addicting to the human brain by breaking down those key components.

How can we use this to our advantage as musicians?

By creating our own Musician’s Journey.

Like any good story, it is made up of 3 different parts:

Struggle + Call + Realization 

The struggle is your struggle in life. Maybe you had a difficult childhood, maybe you wanted to attend music university but couldn’t, maybe you are considered too old, too sick, too anything outside of the norm to be a musician. This is your reason.

The call is that moment in your life that you decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue your dreams, regardless of what anyone told you. It could be you found yourself through religion or spirituality. Maybe you became tired of people running your life for you. Or maybe you had something happen in your life to give you that mindshift. This is your call.

Realization happens as you move out of your struggle and into your present. Now you are realizing your dreams and helping others do the same. Maybe your music helps others in similar situations. This is your realization.

What this looks like in practice can be a bio as short as 3 lines or as long as 3 pages! This helps to simplify your bio writing process so you always know what to post in your media kits or how to share your story when being interviewed. Writing your music bio with these 3 parts in mind can help you effectively share your story.

Using your Story to Create Identity

Now that you’ve created your story, it is time to create an identity around it for your future super fans.

Most of the major singers/bands now have fan names for their superfans and you should be no different. They can be a literal deviation on the name or something taken from the music story of the artist. A few examples are:

  • Blockheads – New Kids on the Block
  • Little Monsters – Lady Ga Ga
  • Beliebers – Justin Bieber
  • BeyHive – Beyonce
  • A.R.M.Y. – BTS

Why is this so important? When you help your fans identify with you, your music, and themselves, you are building that relationship between yourself and your fans. It becomes an inside joke between you all. When you refer to your fans, you should never call them just “fans”. Call them your Little Monsters, Fighters, BeyHive members, etc.

Doing these things will help set you apart from the other musicians out there just making music and putting it to the world, hoping that they will be discovered. You know that you don’t need a label to make long lasting relationships with your fans. Start building your fan base today.

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