Posts That Always Get Social Media Engagement

When growing your music career, one of the best things to do is encourage engagement on social media. Connect with your fans and start building a relationship with them.

How do you know that you have a solid music career with adoring fans? They engage with you in person and on social media! Getting that engagement doesn’t have to be tricky. Even with the algorithms changing all the time, here are 7 fan favorite methods of encouraging engagement on your social media.

1 Ask for Feedback

Ask people for their opinion on a new piece of merch or song. It gets them talking about your music AND is sneaky market research for you! Having your fans tell you directly what they want is so valuable to your music career.

You can ask in a poll on IG Stories, post a few options on your feed, or create a video asking for their feedback.

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2 Ask for Help With a Problem

People love to give advice. If you have something you are struggling on in your music, tell your followers about it and ask what they would do in your place. It can be big or small (maybe a small issue being better). Not only could you get some great ideas, but you can also have a follow up post talking about how you implemented these ideas into your solution.

3 Use Built In Social Media Tools

Have you ever used a poll, question, or quiz on your Instagram story? These tools are built into the very app for you to use them and get engagement with your fans. Plus, the more you use them the higher you will rank in the Instagram algorithm! But you aren’t just limited to Instagram. Facebook has similar tools for their stories, YouTube has cards and pop ups you can implement, and TikTok is fantastic for using engagement on their app. Try them out!

4 Ask for a Recommendation

Similar to asking for help with feedback or a problem, you can ask for a recommendation and expect a lot of answers in return! If you are traveling to someplace new, ask for a favorite restaurant. Maybe you finished up a book and are looking for a new one to dive into. Asking people for their thoughts on a book, movie, tv show, seasonal food/drink, what to do on vacation, or where they should travel next are all types of things you can ask for a recommendation on.

5 Share an Opinion (Hot Take)

Do you have a controversial opinion on something? Share it with your followers. Major topics including religion or politics don’t need to be included to have an opinion on something. Maybe you think pineapple on pizza is actually amazing. Perhaps you love Christmas music and think radios should play it all year long. Maybe you think shoes and no socks are fine.

(P.S. pineapple on pizza with peppers and pepperoni sprinkled with red pepper flakes is the best way to eat pizza.)

6 Share Breaking News

As soon as something happens in your industry, share it with your customers/clients. New intro to the song you’re working on? Share it! Something major happen in the music industry that morning? Tell people about it! Bonus points if you can also share your opinion on that news, combining breaking news with a hot take. Twitter is usually where breaking news goes, but if you can be the first to blog about it, then you are almost guaranteed engagement and traffic!

7 Giveaways

People love free stuff. Create a giveaway based on your music and ask your fans to follow the rules for entry. It can be a small thing or a big package of goodies! Ask that they follow your account, like the post, and tag a friend (or two or more) in order to be entered into the giveaway. Bonus points if you collaborate with other local businesses for a super giveaway!

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