One-week Music Marketing Plan

The holiday season can often be the most rushed time of all. You have holiday gigs, holiday parties, holiday presents to purchase, holiday covers to release … not to mention trying to enjoy the holidays! In all the rush it is easy to push off social media and your marketing plan despite the majority of sales happening. That’s why this one-week music marketing plan is here.

The BEST way to get your fans interested in your music is to show them how much they need your music and they need to buy it ASAP! You are incentivizing your fans to invest in you. This means coming up with a special reason for why your fans need to download your music or purchase your new merchandise.

Think about a special deal that you can offer your fans at this time of year. Buy two get one free? Free shipping? Or maybe just a discount on all your songs.

Once you decide on what your holiday promotion will be, it’s time to start planning.

This one-week music marketing plan is a last-minute thing you can start today and get in some last minute sales before the end of the year.

One Week Music Marketing Plan

The plan is broken down into 5 days. Each day is important, and you shouldn’t skip ahead to the end without doing the days before hand as they build off of each other.

Day One: The Warmup

This day is about reminding your fans how amazing you are and how much they love you. Share a personal story for this time of year, talk about a project you’ve been working on, or share what makes your music unique. You want to hit on the know-like-trust factor for engaging with your fans.

Day Two: The Social Proof

Time to share how much people love you by sharing a review you recently received. In the post, talk about how you were shocked or delighted to see your music described as how they described it. Share how wonderful it is that your music is connecting with people.

Day Three: Overcome Objections

Maybe your fans only stream music, or they don’t want to purchase another band t shirt. It’s your job to share with your fans why your music and your t-shirt are the exception to this rule. Overcome any objections they might have by explaining why someone needs your music/merchandise. Maybe it is to give as a gift. Maybe it is a gift to themselves. What ever the reason, spell it out for them.

Day Four: The Promotion

The day you’ve been waiting for! This is when you finally pitch your promotion to your fans. Your audience should be ready to see what you have to offer. To keep from being spammy, offer value, get personal, and share your story. Show off the promotion and make sure you tell your audience a special bonus they will get if they purchase right now!

Day Five: The Deadline

Now you get to put a little FOMO (fear of missing out) into the mind of your audience. Tell them that they have only so many days or hours left before missing out on this great deal of yours.

Day Six: The Reminder

The 24 hour reminder! Tell them this is the LAST CHANCE to make their decision.

Day Seven: The Thank You

Huge shout out to all who participated! Shout out certain fans in particular and share how happy you are that they took part in your promotion. You tell your audience here that the special is now over.

What happens after the one-week music marketing plan?

If you have a huge success, you did it! Keep thanking your fans on social media and in your email campaign that you are so happy they participated. Maybe you have some fans who are really upset they missed your promotion. Everyone has things that happen in life and maybe they couldn’t for a good reason. It’s up to you to offer your deal to them only or open your promotion up again. This could be a great after-Christmas sale!

If you want to go more in-depth for holiday marketing, which can be applied to any time of the year, check out my downloadable guide here!

Have you been marketing your music this holiday season? What have you been using? I’d love to know in the comments!

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  1. This is such a great idea! I love how detailed your steps are and really help walk people through the process. Next time I have something to promote I will definitely follow this! 🙂

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