Musician’s Guide to Instagram – Part 2

Time for part two of our dive into Instagram for Musicians.

Previously we covered beating the algorithm, knowing what to post, and how to gain more followers without buying them. If you missed it, or want a refresher, click here to be taken back to that post.

This article covers writing a great bio to gather new fans, how to use Stories, and reaching out to brands and other influencers to get them to market your music for you! Time to make Instagram work for your Music!

Writing a Good Instagram Bio

As I mentioned before, knowing your audience is a MASSIVE part of success on Instagram – dare I say it is the most important thing to know. What we are doing is making sure that our current fans know that yes, we are talking to them, and that future fans can see in our pictures, bio, and stories that we are for them, too.

That means we get to keep the people we like and attract more people who will like us.

So, our Bio isn’t really about us and what we do. Bios should be about who we are for.

Your name, what style of music you perform, a fun fact about yourself, where you are located, hashtags, how to contact you, links to your music, and links to your website are all excellent things to have.

What about emojis?

Well, if you are a singer/band and it is part of your brand to use emojis, then yes, use them! It always goes back to what your fans like and use. If they are someone who uses an emoji at the end of every sentence, than you can feel pretty confident that they won’t mind them in a bio.

Pro Tip! Now you can use hashtags in your bio. This is an awesome way of making sure the algorithm picks you up and shows you to your audience. Especially if you are a niche performer!

Putting this all together, you can end up with a bio that looks like this:

ig bio page.png

A quick note about that link in your bio. You only get one chance to link so I recommend that you either link directly to your website (making sure your main page has a freebie in the top third) or use a third party app like Link Tree or Later. These sites let you post several links at once. I use both and think they’re perfect. Just a preference on what you stylistically prefer.

How to Use Instagram Stories as a Musician

If your feed is the curated art museum of your music world, think of Stories as the behind the scenes to your life. Stories are great for connecting with your audience.


The best things you can be doing on Story mode is to use it like a micro vlog of your life. People LOVE to see what their favorite musician is up to. Let them have a sneak peek! Behind the scenes, rehearsals, in the studio, on stage, driving around town, even grocery shopping are all moments that you can share with your fans.

Stories are limited in time to only 15 seconds per clip. This doesn’t mean that you need to record yourself in micro moments, however. There are companies like Continual Story Maker (free or the super version for a few bucks) that let you record a length of video and then they split it up into those 15 second clips. Some reports have shown that doing a video this way is more engaging for an audience as it feels more like a natural conversation.


Using stories to give shoutouts is now easier than ever. When viewing an image, click the little paper airplane icon and then click, “add to story”. Easy peasy!

Knowing when to post on stories is just as crucial as posting on your main feed. Since stories are constantly updated, I suggest 2x-3x a day for making sure your audience sees what you are up to. Something in the morning and something in the evening. This way when Instagram updates the little bar at the top of your fan’s feed, your story will always be one of the first they see!

Collaborating with Other Musicians

Collaborations with people is one of the best ways to grow your following. You get shown to their audience. And if you manage it right, you can choose someone who also has followers similar to your own.

But what if you’re just starting out and don’t have many Instagram friends? Or what if you want to reach out to a brand and maybe get a sponsored post? I got ya.

Hi (name)!

How are you? I saw your recent post about (about) and had to reach out! I love what you create/do/say. And I especially love how you talk about (blank).

My name is (name) and I’m a musician who (what you play). Often I talk with my audience about (blank) and they loved when I posted recently about (xyz). 

I would love to work together sometime in a collaboration. I think that your message/service connects so well with my music/message! If you’d like to chat more about this, let me know and we’ll find a time. Hope to hear from you soon! 

Don’t forget to be Social

Are you keeping it social? It is called social media after all! Take a good hard look at your Instagram feed and ask yourself honestly: Would I follow me? Or is this just one big marketing pitch hoping that someone will buy my album??

  • How are you REALLY using Instagram?
  • Is it to make connections or sell stuff?
  • Be yourself!

And that is that my fellow musicians! A quick and easy guide for using Instagram as a musician.

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