Make Music Videos On Your Phone

YouTube is the number 2 search engine of the world and the number 1 place for people to listen to music, ahead of Spotify, Apple Music, or plain old radio. It is vital for musicians and other creatives to be uploading content on YouTube. But maybe you are afraid that you need fancy equipment, expensive camera and lighting kits, or the latest editing software to stand out. Nope. You can make a music videos on your phone. And it will be awesome.

This article breaks down the 6 things you can do to make music videos on your phone. I made a checklist that not only has these 6 tips, but 3 additional ones, giving you 9 total items to help rock your YouTube! Make sure to snag the checklist here so you are always prepared.

These tips work for both iPhone and Android so no worries on which one you need. As long as you have a camera and microphone you are ready to start!

1 Clean Up Your Phone

There is nothing worse than getting everything in place, hitting record, only to have the little pop up state that you don’t have room on your phone. Ugh.

Take care of that before you start by going into your phone’s storage and making sure that you have space to record. Video takes up a LOT more room than pictures, so try to make sure you have 1 Gb available. This should be more than enough to record a video.

Remember to check this each and every time before you record! As silly as it sounds, this is the most important thing to remember to make music videos on your phone! You never want to run out of space.

2 Clean Your Actual Phone

Now that you’ve taken care of the internal storage on your phone, now you want to make sure that the outside is just as clean! Wipe down your lens, front and back, and make sure that your microphone is free of any dust or lint. Our phones live in our pockets and are covered in dust and fingerprints. It’s something that you might not think of, but when you go to edit, you will see that smudge messing up the view!


3 Set for the Music Videos

Finding a good place to record is a vital component to make a music video on your phone. You want to make sure that it is quiet and well lit. Placing yourself in front of a brightly lit window is a great way to have a flood of lighting wash over you and your background. Just remember to place your phone in between you and the window so that you are facing the window. Otherwise you will be backlit and look like an anonymous tipster on a crime show!

Pro tip! If you are inside, make sure that you switch AC/Heating to “off” while recording. This will get rid of any hums or clunking noises as you are recording, giving you cleaner audio to work with. Just remember to flip it back on when you’re done!

If you are filming music videos on location, the same principles apply. Thankfully, music videos allow you to get as creative as you like! So if you want to have a shot of your band backlit, go ahead!

4 Filming the Music Video on Your Phone

When filming a music video on your phone you have two options: film horizontal or vertical. Make sure you film in horizontal if you want to place your video on places like YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo. When filming for IGTV, IG Stories, or Snapchat, your phone needs to be vertical.

No matter what app you are filming for, make sure that the phone is steady and isn’t crooked or falling over. You can set this up on a stack of books, buy a tripod for a few bucks online, or get your friend who has the steadiest hands to hold while you get each shot.


5 Front vs Back Camera

In general, you want to use the back camera while recording videos. The back camera has a higher quality camera to it, giving you the best quality you can get with the phone. Additionally, if you use the front camera, you might be tempted to face the screen and not the lens.

6 Editing the Video

There are several editing apps out there, some of them free and some of them not. My favorite (not sponsored) is KineMaster. It is available for both iPhone and Android, and gives you the most functions out of almost any other free app. It is comparable to editing software that I have used on expensive desktops.

Another great editing app is Splice. It has a super simple interface and let’s you quickly splice (ha, hence the name) videos together. I use this a ton for quick edits!

After You Make a Music Video on Your Phone

Now that you are well on your way to making a music video on your phone, what comes next? You should upload to YouTube, link that video to your fans on social media so they can watch it, and don’t forget to reply back to all the comments you receive on the video!

If you want me to dive deeper into any of these topics, leave a comment or send me a DM! Don’t forget to download your checklist of everything mentioned here today, as well as 2 additional things you can do to make your videos better!

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