3 Things To Do Now To Help Your Music Career

Today in show business, the business is all happening online.

Which means that if you don’t have a presence of any sort, no matter how talented you are, things are unlikely for you to ever take off. But does this mean that you must sign up with every social media platform? No.

So where do you need to be if you want to attract fans, brands, and music companies?

Well, you need to be where those fans, brands, and music companies are! Let’s break this down and chat about why you need to know them and the best method to approach them.


Think for a moment about your ideal fan. Where do they hang out online? What sort of places do they go to in life? What sort of brands do they enjoy and follow? Get out a big sheet of paper and write down all the bits and bobs that come to your mind about what this ideal fan of yours is like. Things like age of the audience and geography are super important. Then begin to break it down into places. Do they visit Facebook or Instagram? What about YouTube or Snapchat?

Once you know the places they are likely to be, then you can begin to set up an official music account for your music. I would bet that these places are also places that you happen to frequent. However, we want to make sure that your personal and music accounts are separate.

Understanding who your core audience members are and engaging with them is the main path towards attracting new fans.


Now that you know where your audience is and have begun to build an fanbase, what do you show them? Now it’s time to delve into your branding identity and use those core elements of your brand. Let’s begin with the basics. Are you a country singer or a post-punk rock band? Depending on the style and genre of your music will set the tone for your posts. Will they be lighthearted with funny stories in the captions or exclusively show photos?

The main thing is that you are consistent with your brand, no matter what the brand is.

Recognizing the aesthetic and tone of your presence online are the key methods of having brands reach out to you as an influencer.

Music Influencers

Finally, no one likes to be sold to. That’s why it is important that you begin to build a relationship with music companies and brands that you like before you begin to ask them for a partnership, sponsorship, or anything of the sort. So don’t just DM them for ads and money. Like their posts! Leave meaningful comments other than “cool”.

Fans, brands, and companies want to know three things about you:

1.       They KNOW you

2.       They TRUST you

3.       They UNDERSTAND you

And being aware of the music companies and interacting with them is the best way to begin a relationship with music companies.

So now that you know how vital it is for you to be online and how to attract fans, brands, and influencers to your music, I want to know more from you! Where is one area you are struggling with or maybe you are doing amazing? Share this post with your other musicians who are also working on this!

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