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Writing and Recording Songs? That’s easy.

Marketing + Managing your music business?

Different Story.

But you CAN rock both and I’m here to show you how.


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10+ Years of Experience as a Musician and Business Owner

I’m a music business mentor who is obsessed with helping musicians and other creatives make a living at doing what they love.

Working as a musician for over 10 years, I learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t. After living in Los Angeles for years, I earned my MBA specializing in Business Strategy and the Entertainment Industry.

Now, it’s my mission to help you build a life you love with your music and share all I know with you!

Rock on!

You Ready to Rock Your Music?

Let's Make Your Music Work For You + Your Fans

The Music Biz Blog

If you want a no-fluff deep dive into the truth of being an indie musician, then you should hop over to the blog and read what’s new. I go into details of what’s trending in music now, show you how to rock your social media, and interview some cool people working in music today.

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Let’s create some amazing websites, write your social media posts, or give you an airtight marketing strategy to help you launch that new album, prep for your next tour, or make a scene as a new artist.

What Musicians Are Saying

"What Laura has done is created a system for a lot of people who are focused more on the music side who have very little focus on business side. She's given me tons of tools, the language, and the assignments to help me fill in all the gaps of what I’m doing."
Danny Santos
"Laura is a gifted writer, a supporter of musicians/artists everywhere, and an advocate of honoring dreams. I am very grateful for this book... the book OR bonus content alone are well worth the price of admission, but the fact that you get both makes this an easy and very satisfying purchase. She is so insightful and encouraging."
B Lii
"Laura is a mentor helping you get into the music business. All her writing is very easy to read – very friendly! I had no trouble understanding the business. Her program is the tool to give you all you need for becoming a successful musician."
Sean Wang
Traditional Chinese Instrumentalist


Using Branding, Audience, + Media to Make Money with Your Music

With dozens of practical templates, worksheets, and guides plus step-by-step advice with a sense of humor, B.A.M.! has a game-changing road map for any musician to create the music career they have always dreamed of!

Music + Business Articles

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The essential things you need to make the best music EPK and book more shows

Write the Perfect Music Bio

What to say and how to say it to best show off you and your music to both fans and future fans.

Feel Like Giving Up? Read this First.

Music is hard. Before you throw in the towel for good, give this article a read.

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