5 Free Music Marketing Methods

Marketing tends to get a bad reputation in music. Afraid of selling out or giving into the masses, musicians struggle with figuring out how to remain authentic to themselves and their music. But marketing isn’t about being a car salesman who wants you to buy the worst car on the lot. Music marketing is about learning to share your message of music to the world and making sure the right people see and hear your songs.

Music marketing is about learning to share your message of music to the world and making sure the right people see and hear your songs.

Today, I want to share with you 5 different methods you can start using right away to get your message out there and find more fans.

Social Media Music Marketing

Social Media is the fastest way to make yourself known to an audience for free. Every day, 2.7 Billion people (yes with a B) use Facebook, Instagram, messenger, or WhatsApp. The different platforms give you the ability to customize your plan to best suit the needs of each. This means you can get authentic organic engagement by making content on each platform that your audience will be sure to love.

 I know, I know. You’re about to say, “Laura, engagement is down all over, how can I use social media for free to get the word out? And social media isn’t music marketing anyway, is it?”

It’s true, the major companies are changing how their algorithms work. But even if engagement is down, down is still better then none at all! Don’t count out social media just yet. Remember these three things to max your engagement:

  1. Show up. Don’t post once and not at all for weeks! Be consistent with your presence.
  2. Engage yourself with your fans. Follow the 30/30 rule of liking and commenting on other posts for 30 minutes before and after you post your content.
  3. Keep replying to people as soon as they comment on your content for the first 24 hours. These first hours are the most important for letting the algorithm know that you are making good content that people are engaging with.

If you need help on this, I have a free download that gives you 30 days worth of captions to post on social media that you can swipe by clicking this link here!

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Growing Your Email List

Think emails are dead? Think again. Most emails have an open rate of over 20%! Compare that to social media which tops out at 5%. Just imagine how much more music you could sell if 20% of your audience clicked through your email to purchase your next album!

Growing an email list means that you need to give something away to convince someone to share their email with you. One of my favorite methods for musicians is to offer an exclusive song that is free to download after signing up. It can be an acoustic cover of your most popular song on Spotify, a vlog of a great house concert you performed last summer, or even a 3 track EP only available after signing up.

Do you perform a lot of live shows? Make sure to offer one of these options to get people to sign up right then and there where they see you:

  1. Make a QR code so people can easily join on their phone
  2. Hold a raffle for a free CD that night and you enter with your name and email
  3. Old fashioned pen and clipboard so people can sign up

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Local Media for Music Marketing

Every Sunday morning on my local news station, there is a musician featured. They perform live in the studio which is then broadcast to the entire Metro-Detroit area. That is millions of people possibly hearing your songs!

Check with your local news stations and newspapers for a chance to be featured. It is so easy to write an article on such topics like, “Local Band with Big City Dreams”!


Music is different in that you don’t know if you will like it until you hear it for yourself. But what is the best way to get people to listen in the first place? Testimonials.

Reading or hearing that other people like and love your music is a great method for getting people to give your music a try. Reach out to fans you already have and ask them to write up one or two sentences about why they love your music so much.

After you get a good testimonial, you can put that EVERYWHERE! Social media, in your emails, banners on your shows, emails to venues as social proof that people love you, and so much more.

Music Submissions

The way most new musicians are now discovered is by getting on playlists. Spotify playlist curators have popped up all over and are accepting submissions. Reach out to curators on their different social media (look for them on Twitter and Instagram, for example) and send them your best songs.

You can also search on Twitter for music supervisors, DJs, and music bloggers and ask if they accept submissions.

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