How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Your Music Done

I knew that I had to finish the work. So why was it that I found myself surrounded by clothes in piles on my floor and bed and chair from all over the house?

I had fallen into the Marie Kondo trap!

Have you ever noticed how as musicians (or other creative types for that matter!) you can become so infatuated with an idea, start to realize the idea into a goal, and somehow along the way, lose all sense of motivation and drop the idea entirely.

Why do we self-sabotage ourselves like this?

In order to find answers, I knew I needed to reach out to an expert. Thankfully, I had just the guy to ask: Doug Golinski of Kick In The Butt Motivation. I asked him why musicians do this to ourselves, and he laid out this impressive bit of truth. This article was written by Golinski and starts below!

Musicians and Procrastination

“A major cause of procrastination for musicians and creatives is little known and hardly ever talked about.

It is the fear of lost hope! It may seem similar to the fear of rejection, but it is far more insidious because it is rarely detected.

You end up obstructing yourself from completing the tasks necessary to finish that new song, shoot a music video or contact a person who can move your career forward.

You procrastinate because if you are not yet rejected, you still have hope. If you don’t finish writing that new song, it can’t be shunned or forgotten. No one can give a thumbs down to a YouTube video that doesn’t exist.

You procrastinate because if you are not yet rejected, you still have hope.

You feel that hope is still alive for you if you do nothing. You can still have conversations with your friends about how someday soon you will make it big as long as hope still has a pulse and is breathing.

The problem with this, is that you will learn far more from rejections and setbacks. These challenges will give you the feedback necessary to improve your music and take it to another level.

The truth is, hope is never lost as long as you keep trying! 

Music has the power to instantly change a person’s state of mind. Your masterpiece may be exactly what they needed to set the mood for their day. There are thousands of people out there that need to hear your music. Don’t let them down!”

How to Overcome Procrastination

Reading what Golinski says on procrastination makes a lot of sense to me. So how can we overcome it?

First, you can realize that procrastinating in fear of rejection will not get rid of any problems. Rather, it will build up anxiety in you as your “To Do” list grows longer and longer.

Next, understand that you really have NO idea what will happen if you do accomplish what you are putting off! Maybe it will be rejected or someone won’t like what you’ve created. But you have just as good of a chance as having it be your break out moment.

You never will know the possibilities of something until you make it possible for your work to be seen.

Finally, if you are rejected or your music video is a flop, just as Golinski says, that is where you have a huge opportunity to learn what went right and what went wrong. Dive into those analytics. See where you had the most traffic. Maybe you can focus your efforts there next time. Did you get a lot of comments on something? See what they are saying and learn from them. And if it’s total crickets all around, did you have a good marketing plan in place so people knew about your song release?

Does this apply to you? Let me know in the comments below if you can relate to this impressive bit of advise, and if so, how are you going to change this fear of lost hope into a positive?

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