Musician’s Guide to Spotify – Part One

As one of the most popular places to stream music, understanding how to build a fanbase through your Spotify account is a crucial step towards taking control of your music career. In this two part series, I will cover the basics of Spotify and what you need to do starting today to make sure that you get the most out of this platform.

Part one is going to cover getting onto Spotify, becoming verified, and tips on how to grow your following. Part two deep dives into the ins and outs of playlists, both ones curated by music lovers and Spotify itself!

Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Signing up for Spotify

To begin taking control of your Spotify account, you need to establish yourself as an artist on the platform. If you have an account already, you can claim your account as a musician by following this link here. By claiming your Spotify Artist account, this let’s you get that blue check mark next to your name, and more importantly, gives you valuable information about your songs and listeners.

You also gain the ability to upload a banner image, write a bio, promote your tours, and submit songs to the official Spotify playlists.

Start by finding your artist page on Spotify and click on the three dots next to “Follow”. Next, click “Share” and finally “Copy Artist Link”. Keeping that saved, pop over to the Spotify Artist Verification Page and paste the link into the box. When you see your profile pop up, hooray! Click your profile and you are done!

Spotify will review your request and make sure that you are really you. But once that is done you will be able to log into your account and see all the new info available to you.

Making Your Music Available for Royalties

Before you sign your songs over to Spotify, you want to make sure that your songs are able to earn your royalties. In order to sign up with a PRO (performing rights organization) you need to make sure that your songs are your own and can qualify for both sync and mechanical licenses.

When signing up with a PRO, you also will want to make sure that your songs are legally copryright protected. Most, if not all, PROs will insist that you have copyright protection. Signing your songs up in America is very easy, just follow my guide on how to sign your songs up by clicking here.

Get Your Music On Spotify

Sadly, Spotify still doesn’t deal directly with musicians. This means you need to go through a digital distributor who will upload your tracks to Spotify. The company itself recommends two distributors who offer instant access to Spotify after signing up:

However, these places are not your only options when looking for online distribution. You can also explore:

Getting More Followers

Followers on Spotify are just like followers on any other social platform, with the exception that you get paid for their listening to your music. There are two main methods of gaining followers on Spotify: linking it to your social media/website, and creating amazing playlists.

Linking to your social media is easy. Grab the link for your artist profile page once again and share it on whatever platform you are currently using. If you use social media that allows for a banner/cover photo (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) make your cover photo one that asks people to follow you on Spotify! Make your link to your Spotify account pinned (permanently attached) to the top of your feed. Every 10 or so posts that you make, place a link to your account and ask for new followers to find you and add you.

Make sure to add a button/link on your website that links to your bio on Spotify! Maybe not everyone will purchase your music, but a lot more people are willing to follow you on Spotify. Make it easy for them to add you to their favorite musicians.

The final method of growing followers is to become a curator of music and make amazing playlists. By doing this, you have the ability to not only highlight other talented musicians you happen to love, you also have the chance to place your tracks right alongside the biggest names in music. Next post, we’ll dive deep into the makings of a great playlist and how to get your tracks heard.

Have you verified your Spotify account yet? What methods have you used before to have people follow you on Spotify? I’d love to hear  your experiences in the comments below!

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