How to Write the Perfect Welcome Email

Continuing our recent dive into email marketing (you can catch up on some basic tips on my last post here) let’s chat about the welcome email.

Would you guess that the welcome email is the number one place to connect with these potential fans? It’s true! Welcome emails have the highest rate of being opened, a whopping 58%! And up to 75% of people expect to receive one in their inbox after signing up for your freebie.

Let’s dive in so you can write the perfect welcome email for your new fans.

What NOT to Include in Your Welcome Email

Okay, so first things first. Please. For the love of Songs in C Major do not ever just have this as your welcome email:

Thank you for subscribing!.png

Why? Because you are better than a standard “thanks”. That’s why.

And if you are using an email provider that makes you use their “thanks” form, I get it. BUT! That doesn’t mean that your first official email from you has to only be this.

We are trying to build relationships with our fans here! They just gave away their precious email for you to have. They gave you permission to enter their inbox and share all the deets of your life and music. We want to roll out the red carpet! You should give them the ol’ razzle dazzle. Remember, you are better than “thanks”.

So, what should you have?

Think about what you want your new followers to do after signing up for your emails. What is the goal of your email list? That determines what to put in your welcome email.

What to Write in Your Welcome Email

There are 7 key elements that you should have in your welcome email:

  1. Celebrate their joining your list
  2. Tell them who you are
  3. What can they expect?
  4. Have them whitelist your account
  5. Point to your best works
  6. Get them to follow your socials
  7. Ask them a question

You start off by celebrating them in joining your list. They didn’t have to sign up, after all! Let’s reward them by telling them how happy you are to have them with you.

Next, tell them a bit more about who you are. Maybe go into some details that you don’t explicitly state in your website. Things like your brand story and music story. You can go into further details about any other musicians you’ve worked with or maybe talk about one thing that you are really known for.

Now you want to tell them how often you can be found in their inbox. Are you going to message them once a week? Once a month? Also mention what sort of content you are going to be covering. Is this a newsletter format, stories from your sessions, or a mix of everything?

By telling them to whitelist your emails, what you are doing is having them do a micro commitment to you. This lets your emails into their normal inbox and won’t get hidden by any spam filters.

Point them to your best work online. Maybe you have a YouTube video that has thousands of views. Maybe you were interviewed by a famous Podcaster. It doesn’t matter, just send them someplace (preferably on your own website) that shows off a little bit more of who you are.

Another little micro commitment comes by asking them to follow you on your social media accounts. Make sure to link up all the ones you are actively on!

Finally, engage your fans and ask them a question. It can be something simple like, what is your fav song that I wrote? Or maybe ask if they’ve ever seen you perform live and where that was. Anything to engage them.

Perfect Welcome Email Example

Putting all that together, you might be worried that this is a long email! Truth is you can make this as long or as short as you wish. It depends on you and your branding. Are you a short and sweet type of person who gets to the point? Or someone who always takes their time in story telling? The awesome thing about this style of email is that you can really craft it to your own needs.


Let’s walk through an example of crafting this welcome email and then you can modify it to suit your brand and your fans. I’ll pretend that I’m Jane Smith the indie-folk musician who offered a song freebie in exchange for your email.

sample email -1.png

Did you catch all the points in that sample email? I hope so! Now it’s your turn! Look over your own welcome email and see if what you’re doing matches with what we talked about today. Is there room to make any changes?

Let me know in the comments below what you are changing in your email sequence today!

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