How to Get on a Spotify Playlist

In this second part of our dive into Spotify, let’s talk about how to get your music on a Spotify playlist, the importance of being on a playlist, how to create your own playlist, and finally how you can submit songs directly to Spotify for official playlist consideration.

If you missed the first dive into Spotify, or want a refresher on how to sign up with Spotify, how to link your music account to your artist account, or make sure your can earn royalties on Spotify, click this link here!

Types of Playlists on Spotify

There are different types of music playlists on Spotify that you can try to get your music on. The first are the official playlists. Getting your music on these is more difficult, but worth it long term as these get the most streams since they are often followed by millions  of listeners. How to get your music on a spotify playlist is broken down in more detail at the end of this article. But don’t skip over these other types of playlists as you can have great success on them!

Songs that perform well on smaller lists are often placed on these larger playlists. The data of how many streams, duration of listening, and how many likes each song has are determining factors to a song getting placement.

Major label curated playlists are also very popular with hundreds of thousands of followers. These are used by the labels to test new music and musicians to see what performs well with current music listeners. While nothing is impossible, an unsigned artist will more than likely not make it onto these playlists.

Finally, there are playlists curated by individuals. These are what the majority of playlists on Spotify are. They can be made by anyone, from indie labels, recording studios, or even your next door neighbor. These playlists can have a single follower or thousands.

Gaining Traffic First

Before you submit your music to playlist curators, you really want to drive some of your fans towards your Spotify account to gain not only followers, but streams on your songs. It isn’t just the algorithm but also the curators who are going to be looking at things like listens, skips, listening duration, and repeat plays. Anything that you can do to gain some traffic on these songs is a crucial first step.

Approaching Individual Curators

The main method of getting on playlists is to directly submit your songs to a playlist curator. Begin by figuring out which playlists would be the best match for your music; if you record trap, you don’t want to pitch to a country channel! Do some searching for keywords that you would use to describe your music and listen to the playlsts that pop up. If they seem like a good match, make a note of their name, any links, and follower count.

Most curators link their account to their Facebook, so getting in touch with a curator isn’t too difficult. What you want to do, is make sure that you are more focused on establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the playlist curator, rather than just blindly bugging them to play your song.

You can start by pitching the smaller curators and as you gain traction on Spotify, other curators will start to pick you up! Remember to keep the focus on helping curators make an amazing playlist and not to just promo your own songs.

How to Get Your Music on a Spotify Playlist

To officially submit to Spotify, you first need to be with a digital distributor. We covered this also in part one, which you can read here! After you submit your song with the distributor, make sure to schedule the release 2 weeks out. This is a required amount of time per Spotify’s rules. After a few days, click on the catalog link in your Spotify artist account and there should be a link/button to submit that song directly to the editors. You want to make sure that this is the best track you can submit off of your new album/EP. Fill out all the information and review that info before sending it off to their editors. Yay! You’ve just submitted a song that will potentially be added to an official playlist. If your song is selected, you will receive an email in a few days about it going live.

And that is that! Have you been on any official playlists? What are your fave playlists to listen to for new music? Let me know in the comments down below and I’d love to check out what you’ve been playing!

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