Do You Actually Need an Email List?

It seems that you can’t go anywhere on the internet anymore with out someone asking you to SUBSCRIBE in one form or another to their newsletter, their channel, their feed, etc. but is it necessary for you as an indie musician to have an email list?

Continuing our dive into emails, let’s talk about the pros and cons of having an email list. If you are setting up your list for the first time, make sure you check out my article on how to write the perfect welcome email, sure to help your relationship with your fans!

If you aren’t sending out weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletters, how else are you engaging with your audience? Social media is my guess to how you are talking to your fans. Money revenue can come in the form of online distributors, in person shows and selling of merch, and placing your songs in films and TV via music catalogues. So if you are doing all that, do you think it’s necessary to have an email list and newsletter on top?

Having No Email Lists

  • Saves you time each week because you aren’t worried about what to say
  • Saves you money because you don’t need to pay for an email manager
  • Can become hyper-focused on one aspect of your social media and put all your efforts into the platform
  • Can sell things on your blog/website via affiliates or ads on social media
  • Sometimes it feels like you are giving away your best material for free so by not having one you can monetize everything

Having an Email List

  • If the social media platform goes down, how will you keep and communicate with your fans? Email lists make sure you always will be in contact regardless of what social media platforms are popular
  • Online ads can get expensive FAST
  • Affiliates can take up to 50% of your sales
  • It is 3-5 times more expensive to get a new customer than to keep one you already have
  • Selling to your email list is always easier because you have already established a KNOW- LIKE – TRUST factor with them
  • Email lists can be resources for other things, you can ask your fans questions about tours, what things they want to see from you, ask them to like and share things you’ve written, follow you on a social media platform you are building up, etc.
  • Forces you to become a better writer because you must write to your fans!

Email Tips

  • Start where you are comfortable. If you only send out one email a week, or maybe just monthly, do what feels best for your business! And make sure that you are consistent. Fans are much more likely to engage with you if you are reliable rather than sporadic.
  • Have just ONE goal per newsletter. Are you trying to let them know about a new song? Maybe you are going on tour and want to share some upcoming dates? Or maybe you want some feedback for your website about how much fans love your songs. Decide what your goal is going to be and structure your email around this goal.
  • Remember that you don’t always need to share “news”. I’m personally a big fan of newsletters that have no “news page” feel to them. Tell me a story. Talk about how you wrote this song in the backseat of a car while you ate a donut in the rain because you love the smell of fresh sprinkles. You can share personal stories, empathize with your audience, and tell them about your latest single. Mix it up!


So, what is your decision on newsletters? What newsletters do you like to see from other people online, if any at all! What do you prefer to send? And why?

Let’s chat about this in the comments! I’d love to hear some feedback from you on this.


P.S. I spelled it “donut” but google wants me to make it “doughnut”. Which way do you prefer to spell the delicious fried circle breakfast treat??

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